July 9, 2008

Chinese Hats with Tuna Tartar and Microgreens

The second post with another recipe from the coctail dinner. When I made this it was because I love sushi, sashimi, tartar, ceviche, and California is a heaven for the Japanese cuisine (I know tartar and ceviche don't belong to the Japanese, but they are all the same). And my friends that came over that night love it too. I never tasted raw fish before coming here, even more, I was sceptic that I will like it, because this never happened back home, but as you could see I am adventurous in the food department.
You could never say the same about the rest of me. I am a Capricorn, very stubborn, very set in my comfortable ways, never liked changes or the new, I am an old soul (or better said, although I am 31 years old, I behave as a grandma pretty much), I am very conservative and pesimistic. All this goes away when it's about food, I like new, my imagination is running wild, I am passionate and feel that I have a creative side after all. Then, if you look at my dearest husband, he is the opposite in all I've just said about me. He is an adventurous Scorpio, loves changes, never holds back from anything new, never tired, always optimistic, passionate, enjoys life and he will always feel like a 19 year old, sooooo talented, and I promise you I'll come back just to brag more about his opera singing and his wonderful voice. But when it comes to food, he is the conservative one.

Returning to the tuna, I am lucky to have found a Japanese store close to us, Mitsuwa, where they have wonderful sushi grade fish and all other ingredients you want for asian recipes.
The hats were made from round gyoza/won ton skins, which I cut from the center of the circle and overlapped the sides to form a cone- hat. I sprayed them with oil and baked them for 2-3 minutes in a muffin pan.
The tuna has to be sushi grade. I chopped it and marinated it for about 10 minutes with grated ginger, chopped chives, ½ teaspoon lemongrass paste, 2 teaspoons lemon juice, and 2 teaspoons soy sauce.
The microgreens did not have any dressing. I put some greens on the bottom of the hats and topped with tuna and some black sesame seeds.

Palariute chinezesti umplute cu verdeata si tartar de ton

Nu credeam vreodata ca mi-ar putea place atat de mult pestele crud, dar pentru ca numai la domeniul mancare sunt si eu aventuroasa, am ajuns sa spun ca imi place la nebunie tot ce tine de sushi, sashimi, tartar sau ceviche.
Pestele pt. retetele de genul acesta trebuie sa fie neaparat extrem de proaspat, cum ii spun astia aici, calitate sushi. Eu am norocul sa fi gasit un magazin japonez foarte aproape care are peste pt. sushi si ingrediente pt. tot felul de retete japoneze.
Tonul l-am taiat in cubulete si l-am marinat pt. 10 minute in 2 lingurite sos de soia, ghimbir ras, iarba ciorii - cippollino/ chives, pasta de lemongrass si zeama de la o jumatate de lamaie. asta pt. o bucata de 150-200 g ton.
Palariutele le-am facut din foite rotunde de gyoza/wonton/ dumpling skins, dar se pot face si din foi de egg roll decupate cu o forma rotunda. Am taiat o raza din centru, apoi am suprapus colturile cam 2 cm incat sa iasa palariuta, si am lipit cu apa colturile. Am sprayat cu ulei si le-am pus la copt in forma de muffins timp de 5 min la 350 F.
Am pus putina verdeata in palariute ( microgreens sunt niste foi de salata f.f.f.f. mici) si deasupra o linguritza de ton.


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